About Us

We are passionate about cranes and enjoy supporting our partners world-wide.

is an expert engineering and manufacturing company focusing on high quality electric crane components. CMAK Crane Systems reach customers worldwide, through the partners thanks to our affordable products that are produced by in one of the most modern production facilities. In addition to our crane systems that are produced with the world’s leading technologies, we offer traditions, business ethics and our engineering success to the customers.

We know what your needs are

NXS Series Hoist
Gathered from the feedback of the previous design hoists, CMAK developed a hoist that is superior and still cost-effective.
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CMX Series Hoists
CMX series provide easy installation with stable welding structure nevertheless they are very reliable industrial hoists with hoisting done via double speed by pole changing motor and trolley traversing controlled with frequency inverter.
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CMAK end truck carriages and long travel system are built with high-tech geometrical controls. Our end trucks are designed according to FEM classifications to meet their specified service duty.
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HoistSense+ is an advanced electronic system that constantly keeps track of usage, load and critical incidents; while using these information to the advantage of the user to further increase the efficiency and decrease the downtime of the crane.
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Crane Configurator
Generating bids and formal proposals have never been this easy. Create in minutes a fully calculated quote complete with general arrangement drawings and much more.
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Built-up Hoists
We build to our partners’ most stringent requirements. Those features include, but are not limited to:
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Our happy customers

we always hear from people when there is a problem but most do not share good stuff as willingly. Well that’s what this is for, to let you know we appreciate you as a vendor. We are hardly neighbors but you folks do a great job of quoting per our request in a timely manner, answer questions as they come up in specific applications and help with technical issues as well. We like your products,too. The design is similar to another manufacturer we are familiar with. Hopefully once Covid is out of the way business will get back to normal, whatever that is. Thanks for putting up with us through this difficult time and things will get better from here. We look forward to building a long term relationship with you.


-Tim Harrington

“I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for being so fun to work with and being rock stars with the best attitudes EVER on this 16th floor build for SPS. It means a great deal to me that you all come to the table every week with smiles on your faces and ready to solve whatever issue.”


– Lisa Jordan

“Greiner has been a critical partner to us on the redevelopment of West End Center Office Park. The team of project managers, supervisors, and their support teams can’t be rivaled by any other contractor I have worked with over the past 15 years.”


– Michael Anderson