A Game Changer in Crane Monitoring

Standard Features

HoistSense+ is an advanced electronic system that constantly keeps track of usage, load and critical incidents; while using these information to the advantage of the user to further increase the efficiency and decrease the downtime of the crane.

  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Permanent SWP ( Safe Working Period ) calculation.
  • Physical sensors on brake-linings checking for wear on the brake-pads
  • Up-to-date information about the remaining duration of service
  • Comply with the Regulations.
  • Increased Efficiency
  • With UltraSpeed function enabled, HoistSense+ increases nominal speed on all motions when the load is below certain set amount of the SWL.
  • Safe Working
  • Continuous overload protection with precisely calculated strain gauge load measuring system.
  • Continuous overheat protection of electric motors and control panel
  • Load-Sharing
  • HoistSense+ can share data with other HoistSense+ up to 3 via ModBus
  • Slack Rope Supervision
  • Informative Display
  • With its display mounted on hoist, the HoistSense+ informs the operator and maintenance crew for critical information
  • Easy to Use
  • HoistSense does not add more buttons or require constantly checking the pushbutton pendant, as the system will start displaying the load on the large display attached to the hoist -easily visible- immediately after the operator starts commanding the crane. And the stored information will be shown on the large display after the hoists stays idle for a short period of time.
  • Stand-alone Application
  • Can be integrated to any of your hoists.

Industry 4.0

HoistSense+ with expandable gateway module for the internet connection ( via mobile data and/or WiFi and/or ethernet ), original HoistSense+ closed loop system gets to another level at value generation.

  • Alarm and notifications of sensors can be immediatly formed into an email and sent to your email groups
  • Statistical wrong usages can be analyzed and users can be warned or trained for using their cranes efficiently and effectively
  • Periodical reports can be generated for end-users archives ( weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually )
  • HoistSense+ communicates with Inverters of the crane, and it lets it grab any error or alarm message immediatly and send it to the end-users, depending on settings.

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